Event Booking

****** Earn £50.00 ********* Earn £50.00 ********* Earn £50.00 *****

After viewing your event Photographs, why not Email us details of another sporting or non sporting event that you are involved in or aware of, if we attend the event you will be rewarded with a £50.00 payment.

To start the process, simply email us this information:    Event Name

           raynerphoto@hotmail.com         Event Date(s)

                                                            Organisers Name, Tel Number & Email

In order to increase the chance of receiving your payment, please advise the tournament organiser that we will be contacting them. We attend many sporting and non sporting events throughout Europe providing a high speed, top quality photographic service to participants at a competative price.

The event Organisers will also benefit from a financial payment of 10% of takings from the event and provision of a full cd/dvd of event images for club use.

Would you like us to attend your event?  Call us on 01430 410105


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